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Written Feature

Introduction of 5 senses
Let kids learn in a fun way. this busy activity makes it so easy for you.

Special Feature

Logical thinking
light in weight

Symbol Feature

Sorting based activity
General knowledge increase

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Details Recommended Age: 3+

What is inside this game?

5 sense boxes
Total 75 pieces
15 pieces for each sense

How to Play

Keep all the sense boxes in a row
Arrange all the pieces face up
Check each piece and checklist in which sense does it belong
Once you are sure which sense it will fit
Drop that piece in the sense box

Helpful for kids

Through observation, matching and talking about the cards the child will be able to recognize the 5 senses and their individual functions. The child will learn to recognize the 5 senses, understand physical properties of objects detected by senses, etc.
sense of logic

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